Surfers Footprint is a website that provides useful information to people looking to learn more about the sport of surfing. Surfers Footprint is best known for its beginner tips, how-to articles and a friendly vibe.


Surfers Footprint began in February 2020.

I wanted to share some of the things I have learned over nearly 30 years in the sport. I also wanted to improve my writing skills but mostly the website is an excuse to live, breathe and talk about surfing all the time!

I also wanted to combine my surfing passion with my interest in protecting the environment. Although I am not perfect, I know that I can make better choices that end up being a little kinder to the planet.

At Surfers Footprint, I have field tested eco conscious surf wax, rode environmentally friendly surfboards and even recycled wetsuits, all in the name of finding eco friendly products that work!

Surfers Footprint started off as a collection of articles (that were edited by my Mom) and has grown into a resource of helpful information for everyone from beginners to experts or anyone wanting to take the leap and try surfing for the first time.

Products, Ads & Affiliate Links

All of the videos, website links, gear and companies that I recommend on this site have been well researched.

Generally, I won’t recommend a company or product unless I have tried it myself. If you have any issues or problems with any company or product that I have reviewed, please contact me and I will update my site.

You may also notice Affiliate Links that you can click on to purchase recommended products from other websites. I receive a small referral fee for this service that helps to generate some funds to keep the site operating.

You may notice Google Ads in certain places on this site, which also helps keep the lights on and pay for surfing research. I hope they aren’t too intrusive and I appreciate your understanding.

Thanks again for coming to this site. Don’t hesitate to drop me a note on the CONTACT US page if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Go Surfing, Have Fun, Repeat!