Best Bags, Leashes & Straps

Surfing accessories can make or break your surfing adventure. Bags, Leashes and Straps provide an additional level of protection, safety and security for your surfboards.

Surfboard Bags

Surfboard bags provide extra protection for your surfboards to prevent unexpected dings during transport.

This is my top recommended Surfboard Bag:

Surfboard Leashes

Surfboard leashes are important because they make sure your surfboard doesn’t get washed into the rocks when you wipeout.

This is my top recommended Surfboard Leash:

Surfboard Straps

Strapping your surfboard securely to the roof of the car is the most important first step in your journey to the beach.

I have used the following products for many years and they have treated me well and protected my surfboards from flying off the roof!

These are My Top Recommended Soft Surfboard Racks (if you don’t have a roof rack):

These are My Top Recommended Surfboard Straps (tie downs for roof racks):