Best Wetsuit Repair

Wetsuit repair products are inexpensive and relatively easy to use. By following the manufacturers recommendations on the back of the packaging, you can become an expert in wetsuit repair in no time!

Don’t intimidated! Get some today!

Wetsuit Cement

I know lots of surfers that fix their own gear. Wetsuit cement is a must for fixing all types of wetsuit damage.

This is my top recommended wetsuit cement:

  • AQUASEAL Wetsuit Cement (Click for Current Price on Amazon) – I have been using this brand of wetsuit cement for over 15 years and it hasn’t let me down. These tubes last a long time.

Iron-on Wetsuit Patch

Iron-on wetsuit patch is another tool in the tool box for adding strength to your wetsuit repairs. By using wetsuit cement together with iron-on wetsuit patch, you can tackle most repairs you will face.

This is my top recommended Iron-on Wetsuit Patch:

Tenacious Tape (formerly called IRONMEND) Iron-on Wetsuit Patch (Click Here for current price on Wetsuit Wearhouse) – This Iron-on wetsuit patch kit is really easy to use and provides added strength to all your wetsuit repairs.